Biography Book Release

This article is long overdue for all to read, along with the photos that record the attendance of people on this auspicious occasion. Saturday evening the 23rd of August which was another highlight in the long life of our Kyoshi, this dinner was held for the launch of the 1st edition of Kyoshi’s Biography. Many people have read this book which they all have found compelling, once started it is impossible to put it down.
The dinner and celebration was held at the Happy Gardens Restaurant in the city of Cleveland. Students and friends that had been by association no doubt touched in some way by Kyoshi, attended. Perhaps their attendance and support to Kyoshi was because of his passion and knowledge for the Martial Art of JuJitsu, or was this because of the friendship, kindness, helping hand, belief in individuals, being non-judgemental, or all of the above.
What we do know is that Kyoshi enjoyed immensely the company of the people that were there and realizes that many others were not able to make this occasion and as Kyoshi said that is alright as long as one day they walk back through the door at the Hombu Dojo. Special thanks must go to the author and co-authors, Sensei Steven Fisher, Sensei Paul Cummins, Jason Young and Sonia Stewart.
Much of the planning and work on the night was performed by Sensei Jeremy Williams. To commemorate the occasion everyone wrote a comment and signed a booklet prepared by Amanda Hartmann who herself stated that she was honoured to have her name featured in the actual Biography. Please enjoy the photographs; many people had the opportunity to have their photo taken with Kyoshi. We all know that this will be valued and shown to their own Grandchildren when they speak of their training in the Martial Art under Kyoshi in the many years to come. As Kyoshi and many others that follow would say, ‘JuJitsu Forever’!