Grading at Sakura Ryu
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Sakura Ryu JuJitsu Senior Grading-2016

Sakura Ryu JuJitsu Senior Grading-2016

Grading examination in Martial Art is referred to as grading. Grading in Martial Art is conducted for assessment of students to provide for ranking; this is rather competency based in order for any nomination. Gaining nomination is the first step towards grading. In order for proper ranking, several influences factors are taken into account. Gradings are performed at a pace that is as close as possible to real, several qualities are sort after.

The assessment criteria looked upon is:

  • KNOWLEDGE (Knowing the names given to techniques and their correct sequences, dojo etiquette which includes titles of the teaching staff, how to look after and use of the training gear.)
  • SKILLS (Practical demonstration of, Ability, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Suppleness, and Fitness.)
  • ATTITUDE (Demonstrating self-motivation, spirit, and respect)

As with all that we do in life, attitude is the most important, combined with knowledge and the necessary skills. The grading part of Martial Art is so important and is a far cry from just changing the belt colour. The welfare of all the students relies on the correct judgement of the grading panel. If a student is promoted too early (size, age, or inexperience) there lies possible injury or giving up because they are not able to cope with the more advanced students.

A true test of whether the grading is close to the true mark is to remove the belts and then replace them at the end of any given training session. If all wear the same colour as what they wore beforehand, then we know that our assessment and our ranking is sound.