JuJitsu – The Spelling
My Story – Hanshi Ellis


Hanshi Ellis – 1st Dan evolution to 8th Dan

The spelling of the name from Japanese to English is many; for example, JuJitsu, Ju-jitsu, Jiu Jitsu, ju Jutsu. Although of the many different ways that this is spelt it has the same meaning. There are several translations of the word JuJitsu, many refer to this as the gentle art but broadly speaking it is the adaptable and flexible art otherwise known as ‘Unarmed Combat’.

The single principle of JuJitsu was a general way of using the human body as a weapon, applying techniques in unarmed combat. JuJitsu is the classical Japanese Art of Self Defence originally used by the Bushi or Samurai and originally was known as ‘Yawara’.

The original masters of Japan intentionally designed the JuJitsu techniques so that their deadly aspects would be not easily discernible and thus fall into the hands of the enemy. The techniques were also taught this way so that only the most dedicated students would learn the real secrets. In serious JuJitsu, extreme mental discipline is both a requirement and a result.