Learning Sakura Ryu JuJitsu

JuJitsu is a healthy activity for the whole family. Benefits include such things as increased self-esteem, and self-confidence. We run separate classes for junior and senior students to enable suitable lessons and techniques for different ages and development of our students. Assistants by way of high Kyu Grades aid the teachers and students to accelerate your learning. On your first class one of these high rank students will help to settle you in and get you started early. You will notice the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie throughout our club branches. Added benefits of training with us is your fitness and energy levels will increase. You will maintain your flexibility and slow the effects of ageing by way of continued exercise.

“Exercise provides an additional method for preventing and treating osteoporosis. Athletes tend to have higher bone densities than the general population and can provide a model for assessing the effects of different exercise regimens on bone mineral density.” ABC of sports Medicine: Osteoporosis and Exercise R L Wolman

Learning JuJitsu is learning how to control conflict situations by defending yourself from any type of attack. It can help you learn the skills needed to defend from common weapons, such as knife, club and gun. You will learn how to effectively kick and punch. How to immobilise an attacker, apply strangulations, armlocks, leglocks, necklocks and holding techniques. You will also learn how to use leg, hand, hip, shoulder and sacrifice throwing.